Cycling bandana can provide excellent protection for your head, face and neck from a variety of weather conditions, as well as dirt and airborne debris you might encounter when cycling. Whether you cycle regularly or just enjoy a weekend bike ride, a cycling bandana is a useful and versatile accessory for any cyclist.

A cycling bandana is different to a more traditional bandana which is a square of fabric that can be worn on top of the head or over the face. A cycling bandana is a tube of soft stretchy fabric which can be worn in several styles making it a very versatile cycling accessory.

The most common way of wearing a cycling bandana is around your neck and pulled up to cover your nose and mouth. When worn in this style the elasticated material gathers around your neck to provide warmth and protection from the wind.

Many cycling bandanas will have small holes around the nose and mouth area which make it easier to breathe though.

The other way to wear a cycling bandana is tied around the top of the head. When worn in this way a bandana can help to keep your head warm and protect your ears from the wind.

Wearing a cycling bandana is a safer than wearing a regular scarf which has the danger of becoming wrapped in the wheels or chain of the bike.

These bandanas come in a wide range of different designs and colours to suit any taste.

A cycling bandana can be worn under all types of cycling helmets and provides a great way to keep your head and face warm in cold weather.

Cycling bandanas are designed to be windproof, helping to minimise the effect cold winds can have you your face when out riding.

To ensure that you receive the maximum benefit when cycling, pair a bandana with a cycling jacket .

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