Road bike saddles: designed to be comfortable and supportive when you are in a tucked riding position a road bike saddle is usually quite narrow. Weight is important on a road bike and the lightest road bike saddles feature carbon and titanium aspects.

Out of all the parts on a bicycle, it’s likely that no single component can affect your ride—positively or negatively—quite like the piece of plastic and foam that supports your buns. The right saddle makes the bike feel more like an extension of your body instead of a contraption that you are perched on top of. Pick the wrong one and each mile can be grim and painful.

But selecting the right saddle can be tricky. Unlike other cycling gear that can be objectively evaluated, saddles are a very personal choice, one that is usually based on body shape, riding style, preference on how much or how little padding the saddle provides, and of course, comfort over the long haul.

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