A stem can be as personal a choice as the bike you ride, but with our wide selection of lengths and angles in both carbon and alloy, you’re bound to find the right fit to suit your optimum position on the bike for speed, comfort and control.

Bike stems are an essential component on all bicycles. Choosing a different stem length or angle is a great way to adjust your position on the bike. Popular with mountain bikers a shorter stem will shorten your reach and quicken the steering. Longer stems will lengthen your reach and is a common way for road riders to improve their position on the bike. An angled or riser stem is a popular upgrade for hybrid bikes as it offers a more upright riding position.

When you buy a road bike stem, an MTB stem or a BMX stem there are two measurements you should note when buying a new stem. You need the handlebar width so you get the right clamp size and you need to know the size of your steerer tube to make sure the other end of your stem will fit to your bike.

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