Bike wheels make all the difference to how your bicycle rides. Lighter bicycle wheels will get you moving faster, and stronger cycle wheels will roll true for longer.

Road Bike Wheels: A new set of 700c wheels for road bikes is the easiest way to make your bike go faster. A lighter weight wheel is much easier to get going, so you will accelerate faster and climb easier. Carbon road  wheels are the lightest and can also improve the bike’s aerodynamic properties helping you to slice through the air quicker. Deep section rims offer the best aero advantage.

MTB Wheels: are built tough so that they can take a beating on rough terrain. Mountain bike wheels are available in different sizes. The traditional MTB wheel size was 26” but 27.5” or 650b wheels and 29” wheels are more popular now. Downhill and enduro MTB wheels are the strongest while cross-country wheels are the lightest. Trail MTB wheels balance weight and strength and are ideal for most riders.

Tubeless Wheels: Tubeless wheels offer more performance advantages for both road and mountain bikes. A tubeless wheel and tyre set up will reduce the chance of getting a puncture. You can also run lower tyre pressures for more grip.

Wheels for bikes: We stock a comprehensive range of hybrid bike wheels as well as wheels for kids bikes and BMX wheels. We also have a full range of wheel hubs, rims, spokes, and other spares to keep you rolling smoothly.

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