The mountain biking community have been early adopters of electric, with pedal assistance the perfect solution for spending more time going downhill rather than up! Cruise uphill with less effort, meaning you can hit the downhill even harder, squeeze in an extra loop of the trail centre, or even ditch the uplift altogether – with rapid development in the electric mountain bike sector, these bikes now ride as well or better than their traditional siblings!

Here at 4bike, we’ve been selling electric bicycles since the very first models entered the market in the 1990s. Of course, e-bike technology has improved considerably since then – better motors, longer battery life and a greater choice of models – and we’d love to help guide you through your journey into the world of e-bikes. We offer 0% finance on all electric bikes, so browse our huge range of e-bikes for sale below or read our detailed buying guide to help find the perfect electric bike for you.


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