Bike Seatposts – Where would we be without seat clamps? Not only do they do the important job of keeping you at the right height; they are also a serious piece of bike bling. With manufacturers like Rockshox, Thomson and Hope making the best in anodised quick release, dropper and standard clamps to match your hubs and headset, you can sit tight and look pretty.

Seatposts allow you to adjust the height of your saddle as well as the angle that it sits at. An essential but often over looked bike component, a seat post can make a real difference to your ride. A carbon seatpost will help to smooth out your ride by absorbing vibrations from rough roads and tracks as well as saving you some weight.

Mountain bikers can take advantage of adjustable or dropper seat posts that allow you to adjust your saddle height on the fly. Before you buy check your frame to see if you need and internal or external routing for the remote dropper seatpost lever. Suspension seatposts help take the sting out of the trail and are an ideal seat post choice for hybrid bikes. Seat clamps keep your seatpost at the right height and quick release clamps enable you to adjust your saddle height mid ride.


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