Garmin Edge 530 GPS Computer MTB Bundle

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  • Accuracy - GPS, GLONASS, Galileo support, with integrated altimeter, ambient light sensor, accelerometer and magnetometer for improved ride tracking on and off road.
  • Performance - Improved processor for 2x faster route calculation and improved button and touchscreen responsiveness.
  • Connectivity - Improved connectivity, with ANT+® / BLUETOOTH wireless technology compatibility, Wi-Fi, and a streamlined, simplified set up.
  • Longer Range - 20 hours of normal usage but with the introduction of power connections for compatibility with the Garmin Charge™ Power Pack, run time is up to 44 hours.
  • Size - Slim, compact, durable design. Similar to 520/820 but includes a 13% larger display.
  • ClimbPro - New feature that allows the rider to see grade and ascent remaining automatically when going uphill.
  • Performance Focused - Offering VO2 Max, Recovery time, training status/load with new training load focus, Heat/Altitude Acclimation status and smart nutrition/hydration tracking.
  • Training Planning - On-device training calendar, with new pre and post-ride workout view, and automatic syncing with TrainingPeaks™.
  • MTB Dynamics - New MTB Dynamics provides all the data mountain bike riders need to track their jumps and their descents.
  • Pre-Loaded Garmin Cycle Map - With ride-type popularity routing, off-course recalculation and turn-by-turn back to start calculation.
  • Improved Off-Road Navigation - Garmin Cycle Map also now includes MTB specific trail content from TrailForks, which contains details of trails worldwide and their difficulty level. You can also seamlessly download and follow your planned rides using the TrailForks Connect IQ app.
  • Forksight - When you pause while out on the trail, Edge 530/830 will automatically display upcoming forks in the trail to give you at a glance context of where you are in the trail network.
  • Find My Edge - New feature to Edge cycling computers that allows you to find your device should it come off in a crash when paired with your smartphone.
  • Bike Alarm - For the cafe or restroom stop mid-ride. Will alert you to your bike - or Edge - being moved while you are away from it.
  • GroupTrack/LiveTrack - Keep track of your ride buddies and allow friends/family to keep track of you when you're paired with your compatible smartphone.
  • Rider-To-Rider Messaging - Stay in contact and quickly let people know if you need help. Send messages to other riders in your group direct from your Edge when paired with your smartphone.
  • Incident Detection & Assistance - Automatically send a message to your emergency contacts in the event of an incident or manually send your location if you require assistance when paired with your smartphone.
  • Full Varia™ Compatibility - See and be seen with the full suite of cycling awareness products

Technical Specifications

  • Water Rating - IPX7
  • Unit Dimensions - 1.9" x 3.2" x 0.8" (5 x 8 x 2cm)
  • Weight - 530 - 75.8g (2.7oz)
  • Display - 2.6" (6.6 cm)
  • Resolution - 246 x 322 pixels
  • Battery Life - 20 Hours (40 Hours on Battery Save Mode)
  • Connectivity - ANT+, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

In The Box

  • Edge 530 MTB Bundle - Edge 530, Mountain Bike Mount, Standard Mount, Speed Sensor Edge Remote, Silicone Case, Tether, USB Cable & Manuals


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£299.99£350.00 (-14%)


Our Score

Garmin are back once more with their latest GPS in the Edge series, the 530. Available here in the MTB Bundle, they’ve somehow raised the bar once again, both in terms of performance, accuracy and features.

Enabling you to ride like a local, the new Edge 530 supplies you with a peace of mind that lets you explore further than ever before, as well as being able to integrate with your favourite training apps. A marked improvement on the incredibly popular Edge models that have come before it, the new Edge 530 is a slimmer, more compact, and more durable unit, perfect for riders that demand adventure on every ride.

Dynamic performance monitoring and in-depth, crucial insights are both supplied with the new Edge 530, allowing you to dig down into the data required to improve ride to ride. What other GPS on the market enables you to see how a difference in heat and altitude affects your performance, or lets you see the grade and ascent remaining on a climb automatically?

But for those of us that aren’t going up 10,000ft worth of climbs in 35°c heat every other day, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the Edge 530’s capabilities, and there are plenty of features to help improve our performance and riding experience day to day too. As well as a 13% larger display when compared to the Edge 520 and 820, the 530 also possesses 20 hours of run time as standard and double that on Battery Save Mode! Thanks to its improved processor, the Garmin Edge 530 now supplies riders with faster route calculation – double the speed in fact – as well as improved responsiveness.

Connectivity features have also vastly improved on the Edge 530. The ‘Find My Edge’ feature allows you to find your device should it come off in a crash, while the Edge’s Bike Alarm feature will alert you to your bike – or Edge – being moved while you are away from it, perfect for coffee or restroom stops mid-ride.

There are also a whole host of marked improvements for Mountain Bikers with the new Edge 530. The brand new ‘Forksight’ feature will automatically have your Edge display upcoming forks in the trail when you’ve paused, giving you an at-a-glance context of where you are in the trail network, while the new MTB Dynamics provide all the data MTB riders need to track their jumps and descents.

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