There are several ways you can send an item back to the seller. Who pays the cost of return shipping depends on the seller’s return policy and the reason for the return.

We’ve temporarily extended our returns timelines and adjusted our Pay Pal Money Back Guarantee policy to help you if you need to return an item during COVID-19.

You’ll now have 10 business days from when a return is accepted or a shipping label is provided to you to send your item back.

You’ll find more information in our article on Additional support during COVID-19 for buyers and sellers.

When the seller accepts your return request, you’ll either receive a return shipping label from 4Bike or the seller, or you’ll be asked to purchase a label directly from a carrier.

We’ll send an email to your Messages with the subject line “Send the item back” with all the details of your return request. You’ll need to ship the item back before the date stated in this email. If you don’t ship the item back by that date, we may close your request and you will not receive a refund.

Who pays for return shipping?

The seller pays for return shipping if they offer a free returns policy or if the item was damaged, faulty, or doesn’t match the listing description.

You pay for return shipping if you’re returning the item because you changed your mind, and the seller’s return policy states that buyers are responsible for return shipping.

Learn more about what to do if:

  • The seller is paying for return shipping
  • You’re paying for return shipping

You need to have a PayPal account to print an 4Bike returns label, regardless of who pays for return shipping.

How to print an 4Bike return shipping label

Here’s how to print an 4Bike return shipping label:

  1. Go to Purchase history.
  2. Find the item under Returns and canceled orders.
  3. Select View return details.
  4. Choose Print label.

If you’re responsible for the return shipping costs, you’ll see the price of return shipping, and be able to purchase your label.

Print an 4Bike return label

You don’t need a special printer or self-adhesive labels when printing return shipping labels. Simply print the label on normal paper and tape it to the package. Make sure the barcode is clear so the carrier can scan it easily.

Adding tracking to your return

Adding tracking details to your return helps protect against delays or issues in the refund process. If you use an 4Bike returns label, tracking details are automatically uploaded.

Here’s how to add the tracking information to your return if you’re using your own return shipping label:

  1. Go to the return request in Purchase History.
  2. Select the shipping carrier from the dropdown list. If you select Other, enter the carrier name.
  3. Enter the tracking number.
  4. Select Mark as sent.

If you’re returning an item that has a total cost of $750 or more, you’ll need to use a tracked service with signature confirmation. Learn more about our signature confirmation requirements.

If the seller is paying for return shipping

There are several ways you can send an item back to the seller. If the seller is responsible for the return shipping costs, they’ll let you know how they want the item to be sent back to them. Generally, they’ll ask you to send the item back using one of the following:

  • An 4Bike return shipping label: learn how to print an 4Bike return shipping label
  • A label from their preferred carrier: if the seller provides you with a shipping label, they’ll send it to you directly, and you can print it from the “Your postage label is ready” email or message that you’ll receive in Messages

The seller may contact you to make other arrangements, such as returning the item to their store or reimbursing you for return shipping.

If the seller is responsible for return shipping, it’s important that they cover the costs. If the seller won’t cover the cost, let us know by asking 4Bike to step in.

If you’re paying for return shipping

If you’re responsible for the return shipping costs, you can choose how to send the item back to the seller.

  • You can ship using an 4Bike label, in which case we will deduct the label cost from your refund or charge you separately through PayPal. 
  • You can purchase a label directly from a carrier of your choice and upload it to the return.

If you choose to use your own carrier, we recommend using a tracked service. Tracking lets the seller know the item is on its way and allows 4Bike to see the progress of the return in case there’s an issue we’re asked to help with

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