Making your listings available internationally is easy and can help you grow your business by getting items in front of buyers worldwide.

When you offer international postage in your listings, your items are available automatically to buyers outside the UK, with no additional fees for non-managed payments sellers.

If you’re a managed payments seller, you can either offer international shipping or list directly on supported international sites. An additional international fee may apply.

Requirements for selling internationally

When you sell internationally, you need to make sure that the item you’re listing can legally be sold in other countries, as the applicable laws may be different to your own country.

To sell internationally on 4Bike, you need to:

  • Meet the selling and item requirements of the site(s) where you want your listings to appear
    • Managed payments sellers have some additional restrictions on what they can list on 4Bike. You’ll find more information in our Managed payments restricted items policy
  • When selling internationally – either by listing on a site different from your site of registration or by selecting an international postage option – your item may be sold to a buyer on another 4Bike site

Additionally, non-managed payment sellers will need to:

  • Have an 4Bike account in good standing
  • Have a PayPal account and be PayPal verified

Before allowing you to sell internationally, we may ask you to sign an International Selling Agreement acknowledging that items sold to buyers on other 4Bike sites are subject to the policies of those sites, including their Paypal Money Back Guarantee.

There are some differences in selling internationally for managed payments sellers.

Cooling off periods 

According to the EU Consumer Rights Directive, consumers (buyers) can withdraw from most distance transactions with business sellers within a set time frame (‘cooling off period’) without penalty and without giving any reason.

When creating your return policy, be sure to include the following: 

  • The time period that a buyer has to notify you that they want to cancel the transaction
  • How the refund is issued
  • Who pays the return postage

How to sell internationally

Non-managed payments sellers can make their listings available worldwide, or just to buyers in certain countries – simply add international postage options to your listings. International buyers will be able to see that while your location is in the UK, delivery is available to their country.

Here’s how to add international postage to your listings:

  1. On your listing, choose Show international services and options and select Save.
  2. Choose Flat Rate or Calculated. A flat rate means you choose a postage cost. Calculated postage is determined by the buyer’s location using a UK postal service’s pricing.
  3. Select the countries you’ll post to from Destination, and choose your preferred postal carrier from Service.

If you want to sell overseas, your listings and transactions need to comply with laws in both your country and the buyer’s.

See 4Bike’s International trading policy for more information.

Choosing regions

You can choose the countries you want to post to in different ways:

  • On an item-by-item basis: Whenever you list an item, select international postage locations on the listing form. You can choose Worldwide, or select particular regions or countries
  • As a standard rule: You can specify regions or countries you don’t want to post to in Postage preferences. These rules will apply to any future listings you create

Managed payments sellers

If you offer international shipping to countries that support managed payments, your listing will be displayed to buyers on the local 4Bike sites. However, your listings on international 4Bike sites not currently supported for managed payments will be ended and applicable fees credited automatically.

You can also list items directly on some 4Bike sites outside of your registered location.

We will continue to expand the number of countries where managed payment sellers can offer international shipping or list directly on international sites.

Before we can process payouts for your international sales, be aware that you may need to provide additional verification information to comply with local regulations of the sites you’ve listed on. You may also need to comply with 4Bike listings policy for that location.

Receiving payments from international buyers

If the buyer pays in a different currency, the payment will be converted to the currency of your payouts. As currency values can change, it’s important to note that the currency exchange rate will be captured at the time of sale and can be viewed in the order details. This exchange rate will apply in the event of a refund.

When you ship internationally, an additional international fee applies for managed payments sellers.

4Bike’s transaction fees will be deducted in the buyer’s payment currency, before being converted to your currency for payout. If you receive a fee credit, it will be converted from your buyer’s payment currency to your currency. See our fees article for more information on the currency conversion charge.

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