Acer’s new e-bike will employ AI to learn how you ride around town. 

Acer e-bike review
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This bicycle is unique in that it makes use of an artificial intelligence (AI) system dubbed ebiiAssist, which, according to Acer, adds the capacity to “learn” a user’s riding style in order to provide “a more personalised experience”.
The feature may adjust the “motor output to ensure effortless riding based on” your pedalling force and the current state of the road by learning. All of the data is gathered as user insights, which are accessible through the ebiiGo companion app. Riders may “check suggested routes, [ebii’s] battery life, [their] riding speed, among other things” in it. Also, there is the ebiiRide app, which offers three different ride modes. You may switch between the energy-efficient Eco Mode, the speedier Boost Mode, and the “smart balancing” My ebii Mode.

The hardware consists of a “intelligent vehicle control box” and a strong, lightweight aluminium frame. One of the lighter e-bikes available, the ebii weights approximately 35 lbs (16 kg) in total. The bicycle can reach speeds of approximately 15 mph (25 km/h) thanks to a single “250/350 W motor with 48 V CANbus [battery]” and 40 Nm of torque. On average, according to Acer, the ebii can travel up to 68 miles (110 km) on a single charge, and it can recharge completely in roughly 2.5 hours. It’s interesting to note that the battery pack may be taken off and used as a handheld charger for other devices.

Acer's new e-bike will employ AI to learn how you ride around town.
Credit to Acer. Acer’s new e-bike will employ AI to learn how you ride around town.

Safety first
Several bike safety elements will also be added by Acer. The typical taillight and headlight “automatically illuminate” at night. Under the control box, there is an additional set of LED lights for better visibility at night. Rear collision warning radar is “placed under the seat” to warn the rider of vehicles or other objects that are approaching from behind at an unsafe distance. Also, ebiiGo customers can activate an eLock to deter theft; nonetheless, in the sad event that theft does occur, the app features theft alerts and Locate My Bike to assist you in tracking down the stolen e-bike.

Currently unknown are the launch date, price range, and regions of availability. On the ebii website, you can, however, sign up for email alerts from Acer (opens in new tab). We don’t anticipate this e-bike to be inexpensive given everything that comes with the ebii, particularly the AI.

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