Turbo Trainer – If you’ve ever had to miss out on cycling due to bad weather or poor light, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. However, thanks to our range of turbo trainers, rollers and accessories, you’ll never have to miss out on indoor cycle training again.

Turbo trainers are a static resistance platform which provide the same resistance and feeling as a moving bike, but from the comfort of your own home – making them the perfect alternative to outdoor training. Turbo trainers are especially useful when the conditions are poor outside, such as wet, icy roads or when the lighting is poor – allowing cyclists to train on their bike without risking dangerous conditions. Additionally, many cyclists use turbo trainers when they’re lacking in road confidence or recovering from a recent injury and trying to increase fitness.

Our range of smart trainers from Tacx and our bluetooth turbo trainers are popular among both professional and hobby cyclists alike. Unlike standard turbo trainers, smart and bluetooth turbo trainers allow you to connect to a smart device in order to rack your performance, alter resistance and connect to a virtual reality app. So even though you’re not able to make it outdoors, you’re still able to keep track of your progress, stick to your training plan and mimic the feeling of an outdoor ride.

Shop our range of turbo trainers today so you never have to miss out on a ride again and read our helpful buying guide to find out more tips on cycling indoors.

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