Protect yourself while pushing the limits out on the trails. Our mountain bike helmets are light, durable and adjustable, to fit securely to your head. Premium models come with extra ventilation to keep you cool, and some feature additional MIPS protection. We also stock a range of women-specific MTB helmets.

Mountain Bike Helmets

An MTB helmet is essential for every mountain biker. Mountain bike helmets protect your head which is the most vulnerable part of your body in a crash, so it’s worth investing in a good one.

Why wear an MTB helmet? Crashes are an inevitable part of the sport, hardly a surprise with so many obstacles on the trail, but there is no need to risk your head. A good MTB helmet will save your head from injury when you do take a spill.

MIPS protection: MIPS is a safety technology that is designed to reduce injury caused by angled impacts when wearing a mountain bike helmet. A MIPS MTB helmet includes a slip-plane layer that allows the helmet to move, transferring the angled force away from your head. The best MTB helmet will have MIPS or a similar slip-plane technology alongside other bike safety features.

Types of Mountain Bike Helmet: Cross country mountain bike helmets are lighter weight with plenty of ventilation to give you the racing edge. A trail or enduro MTB helmet offers greater protection when you’re riding more challenging trails. DH and enduro full face MTB helmets can be found in our full-face helmet section.

Big protection brands: We have a huge range of the best mountain bike helmets from all the top protection brands including Troy Lee, Smith, Endura and Poc MTB helmets. Tredz stock the full range of Fox MTB helmets as well as Giro MTB helmets.

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