Rigid Bike Seatposts

Upgrade your ride with a stronger, lighter or more aerodynamic seatpost for your bike. These rigid seatposts are ideal for road bikes, mountain bikes, urban bikes and hybrids. From affordable replacements made from durable aluminium alloy to high-end upgrades made from exquisitely crafted carbon fibre composite. Carbon seatposts are especially popular on road bikes thanks to their vibration damping properties that absorb road buzz to help you feel more comfortable in the saddle.

We stock a huge range of ridged seatposts for bikes from component brand leaders like Profile, Easton, Vision, Thompson and Fizik. If you are looking for a direct replacement we also stock a broad range of seatposts from major bike brands including Giant and Specialized. Seatposts are available in different sizes, make sure you check the size of your existing post before you buy.

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