Power Meters – Love them or hate them, when it comes to tech controversy, even the best power meters are right up there with disc brakes on road bikes.

For some, knowing your numbers enables you to track and measure your performance, and by working in your cycling training zone you can ultimately improve on a bike.

Used wisely, the best power meter can ensure you get the most out of every ride, help you work towards specific goals, and most importantly, when to rest and recover.

Power meter are the best way to monitor your output while you ride. A great training and racing tool, power meter measure the power you put through the pedals in Watts. Stages power meter are the best-known crank and chainset power meters that are easy to match up to your existing chainset. Quark and Rotor also offer some great chainset power meter. Hub power meters are very accurate, Power Tap make extremely accurate power hubs that you can build up with the rim of your choice.

Pedal power meters from Garmin, Polar and PowerTap are a really convenient way to measure your power output as they are easy to move from bike to bike, you can even use them with your turbo trainer. Power meter are extremely precise instruments that pair with your cycle computer to give you the data you need to build and refine your training as well as offering real time ride information.

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