Bicycle Repair Stand – Fixing your bike can be fun, presuming you have the correct tools. The most essential tool to any home workshop is a bike stand, as this will allow you to stand your bike in the ideal position when carrying out repair or maintenance work. With 4Bike beginner and expert bike stands, wave goodbye to flipping your bike upside down and damaging the handlebars. Learn more about our range below.

here’s no better feeling than being able to fix your own bike, or trying to, and a big step towards that is getting your own bike workstand. They put your bike in the ideal position, so you can easily perform minor or major services to you bike. No more flipping your bike over and damaging your handlebars.

A maintenance stand can come in many different sizing and forms. Smaller stands that hold the rear wheel steady allow you to work on your bike in many different spaces, and are easily transportable. Heavy duty stands with fixed plates to hold them in place are ideal for workshops and serious home mechanics. Many workstands are easily foldable and put away, and provide most home mechanics with the ideal solution of a stable platform to work on their bikes and the convenience of storing the stand.

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