Bike Storage

How do you store a bike indoors?
There are two main routes you can take: vertical or horizontal hanging. Vertical hanging takes up less wall space, so it’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of room, or if you’re hanging multiple bikes. Mount the hook high enough so that your front wheel can hang from it, with the rear wheel raised above the ground.

This solutions save space in your home, while helping to prevent your bike getting damaged in the house garage or shed. If space is limited indoors, then bike covers are a great outdoor bike storage alternative. They provide protection against the elements when you store your bike outdoors. An indoor solution would be fixing your bike to a dedicated wall or ceiling storage rack to secure it out of harm’s way

Floor mounted indoor bike stands are a great way to organise your bikes and avoid leaning them up against the wall. Offering a bit more space saving wall mounted racks can be especially useful if you have more than one bike. Ceiling hooks and other ceiling mounted bike storage solutions offer the ultimate in space saving to keep you bikes safely stored in the house or garage.

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