Want to pack in as much energy as possible, into a small volume?

You’ll be after an energy gel.

Cycling, gels, Nutrition Bars and drinks are a great way to fuel up while you ride and recover afterwards. Energy food and gels come in a wide range of types and flavours but all are easy to eat on the bike. Energy drinks are great for mixing into your bottle or Camelback and gives you an extra boost while you hydrate. Recovery drinks contain the perfect mix of carbs and protein to help you recover. Cycling supplements allow you to rapidly replace salts.

Energy products made specifically for cycling help you to ride stronger and recover better, so they are brilliant for long rides, races and sportives. Choose from some of the most respected names in sports nutrition like SiS, High5 and Torq. Choose a variety pack when you buy gels or bars, to find your favourite flavour, and a multipack for better value.

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