Cycle Computers

Max your training with a dedicated cycle computer that measures your speed, distance, heart rate and training progress. With the numbers in front of you on the move, you can monitor exactly how you’re doing. Professionals use them, and so should anyone who’s serious about improving their performance in the saddle – whether you’re training for a big race, or racing the clock on the daily commute. Bike computers are easy to use, simply mounting onto your handlebars so you can keep track of your progress at all times. We stock wired and wireless models, and some computers are available with extra mounts, for easy switching between bikes.

A cycle computer is a great way to keep track of your cycling performance. A GPS cycle computer will also track your progress on the road so you can accurately analyse your route as well as follow a pre-planned route and view you progress in real time. We stock a full range of GPS cycle computers from top brands including Garmin, Lezyne and Cateye. More advanced GPS bike computers and heart rate computers can connect to heart rate monitors, cadence sensors and power meters for the most accurate performance data.

As well as GPS computers we also stock full range of wireless cycle computers like the Cateye Strada as well as wired cycling computers which offer a more affordable option to track you cycling progress. Activity monitors are wearable tech that have many of the same features as cycle computers.

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